2015 Passat: Car of the Year Award

Volkswagen-Passat_2015_1600x1200_wallpaper_01GENEVA — The Volkswagen Passat has been named Car of theYear by European automotive editors at the Geneva International Motor Show. 58 auto journalists from 22 countries voted the Passat as the winner.

Volkswagen’s four-door sedan beat six other finalists including those from Citroen, Renault Twingo and the BMW.

Swedish expert Hakan Matson, chairing the judging panel, said: “It is truly impressive that Volkswagen managed to win the title for the third time in six years. The Passat has many strong points, including its design, overall quality, safety, spacious interior, and several useful innovations such as the Trailer Assist. With all these features the model clearly deserves to be Car of the Year 2015.”

Volkwagen last won the car of the year award in 2013 with its Golf compact car.