Dashboard Navigation and Premium Sound for your Classic Porsche

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Porsche is responding to the growing demand for a built-in navigation/audio system device for classic sports cars. It fits perfectly into the DIN-1 slot that has been used in the sports cars for decades and is operated by means of two knobs, six discreetly integrated buttons and a touch-sensitive 3.5-inch display.

Thanks to the appearance of the black surface and the shape of the knobs, which are supplied in two authentically styled versions as standard, the navigation radio blends harmoniously into the dashboard of classic Porsche models. It bears Porsche lettering and is suitable for the sports car generations from the first 911 of the 1960s to the last of the 911 series with air cooling from the mid-1990s (993 series), including front-engine and mid-engine models.

The new navigation radio comes with all the key features of today’s systems. In addition to low-interference radio reception and precise navigation, it has interfaces for a variety of external music sources that can be controlled from the display. A smartphone can be connected via Bluetooth. In addition, the classic radio not only has a built-in microphone but also comes with an external microphone. The integrated amplifier delivers 4×45 watts and can be connected either directly to the loud-speakers or to the original sound system using an optional adapter cable.

The new navigation radio has been exclusively developed for Porsche Classic. Radio reception, for instance, has been optimized for traditional telescoping rod radio antennas. Drivers have a choice of arrows and two-dimensional or three-dimensional maps to display the route. The maps are stored on a microSD card with eight gigabytes of memory and are updated regularly.

In the United States, the Porsche Classic navigation radio is in the final testing stages. Availability and pricing for this market will be determined upon completion of testing.