Porsche Pajun: All-Electric Tesla Competitor?


Credit Porsche for being one of the automotive leaders in plug-in hybrids, but it’s been behind Tesla in going all-electric. Now Germany’s Auto Motor und Sport reports the Porsche Pajun will only be offered with an electric drivetrain.

The Tesla Model S is the hot commodity right now, and Porsche was already rumored to be prepping a competitor to the EV. I. The Panamera Junior (“Pajun”) was supposed to be offered with gas and diesel engine options, plus electric drivetrain. Now the hybrid drivetrains are supposedly being dropped in favor of an all-electric battery system, since Porsche executives feel its success in the crowded luxury sports sedan segment requires something totally different. Having increased the number of plug-in cars in its range, the logical next step is for Porsche to build an all-electric.

There are inherent advantages to an all-electric design, like a low center of gravity and increased structural rigidity, not to mention a flat floor and extra cargo room.

If Porsche goes back to the drawing board with the Pajun, the estimated driving range of between 200 and 250 miles per charge might be expected to match, and likely exceed, that of the Tesla.