Unfiltered. The new Boxster Spyder.



The last time the Boxster Spyder was available as a new model on a Porsche lot was during the 2012 model year, and now it’s back and more powerful than ever.

In fact, the Spyder is the most powerful Boxster to roll out of a Porsche dealer. Instead of using one of the two engines already available for the Boxster, Porsche took the same route it did with the Cayman GT4 by cramming the 911 Carrera S’ 3.8-liter flat-six behind the seats and mating it to a six-speed manual transmission. The 911 engine injects 375 horsepower into the drop-top, and reduces its 0-to-60 time to just 4.3 seconds – 0.4 seconds quicker than the Boxster GTS. Additionally, this added power jumps its top speed to 180 mph – 6 mph higher than the Boxster GTS.

To help keep the added power in check, Porsche also spent a little time tweaking the suspension. It dropped the ride height by 20 mm (0.78 inches), firmed up the suspension and added in 911 Carrera S brakes.

There are two visual items that indicate this is a Boxster Spyder: the top and the rear cowl. Instead of being an electrically operated top, it is manual to help save weight, except for its electric latch. The rear cowl features a set of fins heading toward the rear of the car, which are staples of the Boxster Spyder. On top of the two obvious changes, the front and rear fascias are exclusive to the Spyder. The front end features larger air intakes and the lip sticks out farther, and the rear has a revised diffuser.

The interior also got a few upgrades for this new trim level. The Boxster Spyder comes standard with Sport Seats Plus, a smaller-diameter steering wheel, and “Spyder” embroidered on the headrests. To help shave a little extra weight, the Boxster Spyder loses its standard audio system and air conditioning.

As the new Porsche Boxster Spyder gears up for launch, the company has added it to the comprehensive Porsche online configurator. Upon visiting the online tool you are introduced to a number of special “exclusive” colors for the Spyder.

These options add a certain flair to the semi-stripped-out sports car and make it more of a collectible item than it already is. With cars like the Spyder, Porsche continues to hone their skills at the art of offering less and charging more.

Through the configurator you can spec up your Porsche Boxster Spyder down to the last details and have it customized with painted wheels, five different two-tone interiors, and Sport Design package.

The 2016 Boxster Spyder will hit dealerships in October 2015, but you may place your order now. Prices start from $82,100, not including the $995 destination charge.